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Bluebird of Happiness pendant 

Bluebird of Happiness - SOLD - 2.5cm x 1.5 cm

This diminutive sterling silver pendant, set with a hand-cut natural sapphire cabachon, was made as a gift for my mother. To make a similar pendant, with a laboratory-grown sapphire, would cost around $100, a natural sapphire would, of course, add to the price.  

 Inside-Outside, a fabricated pendant with cloisonné enamel and an engraved gold bi-metal tiger


Inside/Outside - SOLD - dimensions

The second piece in my "Role-reversal" series, this pendant is fabricated from sterling silver, with a cloisonné enamel set within a shadowbox cage, and an engraved 22k/sterling bi-metal tiger. You can also see a larger image of the pendant, or a detail of the engraving.  

NightSky horse cloisonné pendant



NightSky Horse - NFS - dimensions or diameter

My personal imagery, the horse running forward yet looking to the past, decorates the enamel on this piece, which I wear hanging from a strand of varied handmade glass beads, and tiny African bronze bells. I would be delighted to make a pendant for you that is as meaningful as this one is for me...  

 silver Viking lunule pendant


Viking Lunule - 4 cm x 2.25 cm

Lunule pendants were found in Viking Scandinavia in various shapes, sizes and complexity. I enjoy replicating them in sterling silver, as well as creating original designs in this style. I usually have a varied assortment of lunules available.  

  tiny Byzantine cross pendant, set with 
lapis cabachons and cloisonné



Byzantine Cross pendant - SOLD - 2 cm x 2.25 cm

The tiny bit of cloisonné in the center of this piece started out as a sample piece for an elaborate coronet. It kept telling me it wanted to be a cross, so I eventually made one; then it kept telling me it wanted lapis, so I added the tiny cabachons. Eventually it happily, and quietly, found the person who was waiting for me to complete it.  


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