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Within the Society for Creative Anachronism, The Order of the Laurel is the highest award
of recognition given to an individual to honor their excellence in the arts and sciences.
I would be happy to create custom regalia for you, or as a special gift.

 For more information about champlevé and cloisonné enamel , see the terms and techniques page.
This is a representative sampling of the type of work that I do, my current stock will be similar.

 golden 1 wire laurel in a norse setting


Golden Norse Laurel - 4.5 cm/diameter

The brilliant transparent golden enamel is a lovely background. The Laurel wreath is formed from a single wire, and enameled in deep transparent green Large beaded wire, and decorative stamping make a Norse style setting that is both beautiful and durable.  

blue laurel with a diapered background, hexafoil setting





Blue Hexafoil Laurel - SOLD - 4 cm/diameter

One of my early Laurel medallions, the unique setting is inspired by the settings of the rock-crystal pendants from Gotland. (Sweden 11th-12th C) An engraved diaper-pattern adds depth to the transparent blue enamel background.  

 black one wire laurel, simple setting


Black Laurel - 4.25 cm/diameter

A black enamel background is a great contrast to the emerald green, transparent leaves of the Laurel wreath on this medallion. The simple setting is nicely detailed with a beaded wire border.  

 lavender laurel with bi-color leaves, diapered background, twist wire setting


Lavender Laurel - 4 cm/diameter

An engraved diaper-pattern background, stamped with tiny flowers, and enameled in transparent lavender, adds an opulent look to this Laurel medallion. The laurel leaves are detailed with two shades of green enamel, and the piece is set within a twist-wire border.  

heraldic laurel in a renaissance setting with pendant pearls


Heraldic Laurel - SOLD - 4 cm x 6.5 cm

This medallion has the form of a Renaissance gem, in an engraved sterling silver setting, decorated with pendant pearls. Personal heraldry adds a unique detail to the cloisonné. This medallion was a custom order; I enjoy devising various ways to add heraldic detail to peerage medallions. A similar piece would cost around $285.  



Birka-style Laurel - 4 cm/diameter

This sterling silver Laurel medallion features soldered granulation in the style of the metalwork from Viking age Birka (Sweden, 10th C), and a central medallion that reproduces the motif from a bracteate from Birka.  

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