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Byzantine earring with cloisonné dogs, silver granules,and pendant pearls 

reverse of Byzantine earring with silver filagree scrolls 

Byzantine Dogs earrings - 4.5cm x 4.5 cm

These earrings are directly inspired by particular Byzantine artifacts, which may have been headress or temple ornaments; I was so charmed by the design that I adapted it to become a pair of earrings. The images here show the front enameled side, as well as the silver filigree on the reverse. If you like, take a closer look at the enamel.  
 earrings set with cloisonné in a Byzantine medallion design, with pearl drops  

Byzantine medallion earrings - 1.75 cm diameter

Byzantine cloisonné artifacts often have many tiny circular patterns, which can become striking and unusual earrings. I have made this style of earring in various patterns and colorways, usually embellished with freshwater pearls.  

small silver earrings set with green gemstones




green gemstone earrings - SOLD - 2 cm x .75 cm

Combining rainbow moonstone, light and dark green tourmaline, and leaf green malachite, these dainty silver earrings are decorated with tiny silver granules.  

 fat cat earring design


tiny enamel earrings - 2 cm x 1cm, (enamel 8mm x 10mm)

Tiny enamels decorate this series of earrings. There are five different designs: peace dove, rose blossom, heart of gold, green fern, and fat cat, the design shown on this page. Please contact me for current availability.  


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