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I would be happy to make one of these designs for you,
or create a custom designed brooch that is an original artwork...

cloisonné and carved bone brooch

Above/Below - NFS - 5 cm x 4 cm

The third brooch in a series, the cloisonné shares the sterling silver shadowbox setting with the carved and scrimshawed bone tiger. This piece remains as part of the artist's collection.  

 Frankish disc brooch


Frankish disc brooch - SOLD - 3.3 cm/diameter

The brooch is sterling silver, with twisted wire filigree and shell cabachons that I cut from pieces that I picked up on my evening walks. The edge stamping uses a common decorative motif from the early 7th century, when the Frankish brooches that inspired these were created.

 another Frankish disc brooch


Frankish disc brooch - SOLD - 3.0 cm/diameter

This brooch is sterling silver, with blue glass and shell cabachons.The original brooches that inspired these pieces were set with bits of colored glass. Sometimes they were also set with what is now an unknown whitish substance, which archaeologists believe may have been shell.

 cloisonné and chrysoprase disc brooch


Disc brooch with chrysoprase - 3.1cm/diameter

This sterling silver brooch is set with cloisonne inspired by the Anglo-Saxon Minster Lovel jewel, and four chrysoprase cabachons. Beautiful green chrysoprase was known in the ancient world, at least as far back as the Byzantine period, and is still the most valuable form of chalcedony.  

 Celtic inspired cloisonné brooch


Disc brooch with cloisonné - 3.4/cm/diameter

This sterling silver brooch is set with an enamel inspired by the artwork in The Book of Kells.  

 Anglo-Saxon style disc brooch

Anglo-Saxon disc brooch - SOLD - 5.25 cm/diameter

Cloisonné enameling, done in the style of the garnet inlay seen on early seventh century Anglo-Saxon finds, beaded sterling silver wire, bone, and garnet all combine to give this brooch an opulent look.  

 cast bronze Norse brooch


Viking dress brooch - 7.25 cm/diameter

Cast in bronze, this is a slightly fanciful interpretation of an eastern Scandinavian womens brooch. These brooches, worn in pairs at the shoulders, fasten the outer dress. The motifs on this brooch are a mixture of Norse and Anglo-Norse, rather than being directly inspired by a particular archaeological artifact.  

 silver serpent brooch


Serpent Brooch - SOLD - 5 cm x 3.5 cm

This is one of a pair of serpent brooches, which were inspired by similar brooches from tenth century Finland. Sterling silver set with almandine garnets.  
 gold brooch with modern heraldry  

Heraldic brooch - SOLD - 3 cm x 3.25 cm

A "coming-of-age" gift, this dainty gold brooch was commissioned for a young Australian woman by her uncle, and features their familial arms. If you like, take a closer look at the details of this piece  


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