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Many groups and societies award honors to their members. The Society for Creative Anachronism gives awards for excellence in the arts and sciences, martial arts, and service to the group, and I have made special jewelry for these awards, both in my own kingdom of An Tir and for those in other lands. I have also made award and symbolic jewelry for people in other organizations.

I would be happy to create custom regalia for you, or as a special gift.

 For more information about champlevé and cloisonné enamel , see the terms and techniques page.
This is a representative sampling of the type of work that I do, my current stock will be similar.

 champleve goute

Goute de Sange - 2.75 cm/diameter

Cast fine silver and champlevé enamel, this is the An Tir Kingdom level service award. I usually have these medallions in stock.  

 champleve jambe


Jambe de Lion - 2.75 cm/diameter

Cast fine silver and champlevé enamel, this is the An Tir Kingdom level arts & sciences award.
I usually have these medallions in stock.

 champleve heralds badge


Herald - 2.75 cm/diameter

The heralds badge, here rendered in champlevé enamel and fine silver, is an acknowledgement of the vital service they provide to the SCA.
I usually have these medallions in stock.

 cloisonné chirurgeon badge


Chirurgeon - 2.75 cm/diameter

The people who volunteer to provide first-aid at SCA events are known as chirurgeons. The word comes from the Old French cirurgien, which has the same Latin root as the modern word surgeon. This cloisonné medallion has the badge of this group, (although I have just recently been informed that the colors are actually the reverse of these)  

 cloisonné marshalls badge


Marshall - 2.75 cm/diameter

Within the SCA, a marshal is the person in charge of combat-related activities. This sturdy cloisonné pendant bears the marshalls' insignia.  

 pel-laurel, bracteate setting with stamped laurel wreath and cloisonné norse pelican

Norse Pelican/Laurel Bracteate - 7 cm/diameter

This double peerage medallion has a Norse style cloisonné Pelican, set in a sterling silver bracteate setting, with a stamped border of a Laurel wreath.  

 Queen's Order of Grace medallion


Queen's Order of Grace - 2.25 cm x 4 cm

The award given by the Queen of the West, to those in her kingdom she finds courteous to all. This pendant, set with cloisonné, is detailed with a 22k/sterling bi-metal crown and a large freshwater pearl.  

Throughout history, crowns, coronets, and circlets have been a very visible symbol of the rank that someone holds. Within the SCA there are particular "sumptuary laws" that distinguish the style and form of regalia and associated embellishments which are customary for specific honors. Some, but not all, of these conventions are subject to regional variation. I work closely with my clients to make sure that their regalia is appropriate as well as beautiful.

working drawing of coronetsketch of coronet

This custom circlet was created in 2002, of engraved brass, with cast sterling silver strawberry leaves, and roses set with amethyst cabachons.

completed coronet, with silver strawberry leaves and roses set with amethystdetail view of silver rose set with amethyst

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